mardi 29 juillet 2014

Emission télé en français sur l'alimentation ancestrale

Running and CV risk

You can do it yourself: toothpastes

You can do it yourself: toothpastes

Neurotoxicity of fluoride water

Egg: do you need to eat only egg white?

Ginger and radiation

lundi 28 juillet 2014

They are wrong you need more unprocessed foods!

Coconut water: better than water?

Coffee: do you understand the literature on this "food"?

Why the so-called IG diet is a myth: so simple

1/ IG means glycemic index in french. It is a pity that one could mislead people about the basic sugar metabolism. IG or GI is only a piece of the puzzle.
Glycemic load and your genomics are the other major parts.
2/ Glycemic load is the quantity of sugar corrected by the glycemic index of that sugar or that product.
GL = GI x Weight of sugar
3/ So if you follow only GI you will be overload in low GI foods which will bring you in the same nightmare but more slowly!
4/ So the only way to deal with sugars is to suppress refined sugars and to remember that white flour is one of the most frequent sugar in our industrial diet! Unhappily there are others with very exotic names:
dextrose, HCFS, lactose, maltodextrins, fructose, brown cane sugar, saccharose...
For non refined sugars only fresh or frozen raw fruits are OK. You can also eat a moderate amount of tubers especially if:
- your genomics does not favor high insulin release
- you are spontaneously lean which is related also to insulin secretion but also to other factors in the diet and the metabolism like leptin and other hormones.
- you are burning a lot of calories by working out, working in the wild with human powered engines and so on...
Enjoy ancestral diets![Medisite-A-la-Une]-20140727

Women health

dimanche 27 juillet 2014

samedi 26 juillet 2014

Ferment your raw milk!

IBS or uncomfortable digestion and FODMAP


"The big fat surprise"

Dysnutrition and cancer: The milk issue

GMO: testimony of a ancient opponent

58 grammes de sucre par litre

Sans sucre le boiriez vous?
C'est dix morceaux de sucre dans un litre et 15 dans cette bouteille de 1,5l!

samedi 19 juillet 2014

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

Les recettes de l'été

Nutrition, alimentation et le mythe du gras

Une idée fausse mais claire et précise aura toujours plus de puissance dans le monde qu'une idée vraie mais complexe.
Alexis de Tocqueville


Obesity trends

Med low carb diet


Reward and behaviour

How to simplify your kitchen

mardi 15 juillet 2014

Le mépris du consommateur!


The fat debate

Sugar and metabolic obesity

Oral health carbs and endurance load

Fitness tips!

How to avoid fatty liver?

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samedi 12 juillet 2014

Intestinal mucosa protection by sulphoraphanes

Sugar highly addictive and obesogenic


Are you in keeping with him?

More on high-fat diets

An aid to anti inflammatory diets

Naked Juice is not "all natural"

The case for appropriate labeling

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Last world on Vitamin D optimal blood levels

LDL particles trafficking in the arterial wall

Figure 1. Image of arterial delivery and the effect of lipoprotein particle size. Different isolates of chylomicron remnants of predetermined size were labeled with Cy5 fluorescence (in yellow). Lipoprotein preparations of different size were perfused in situ through rabbit carotid arteries for an equal length of time under physiological conditions.
LDL particles are 25nm size.

Figure III Image  of  arterial  delivery  and  the  effect  of  increasing  perfusion  time.
chylomicron-remnants  and  LDL  particles  were  isolated  and  labelled  with  Cy5
fluorescence  (yellow)  and  Cy3  fluorecence  (red)  respectively.  Equivalent  and
physiological  concentrations  of  labelled  lipoproteins  were  perfused  simultaneously
through rabbit  carotid  arteries for  either  15 minutes (left frame)  or  30mintues (right
frame) of exposure.

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Eat Cocoa not sugar

Dark chocolate I mean Cocoa with the least amount of sugar or no sugar is a very healthful product.

Flavonols are present in other plant-based food

Source Flavanol Content, mg/kg or mg/L
Chocolate 460–610
Beans 350–550
Apricots 100–250
Cherries 50–220
Peaches 50–140
Blackberries 130
Apples 20–120
Green tea 100–800
Black tea 60–500
Red wine 80–300
Cider 40

Cocoa do have pleiotropic properties in CVD

For PAD patients

1/  quit smoking is the first and the most powerful advice to follow in PAD
2/ all dark choc are not equal. Patients should be educated about ingredients and patients D2 or with MS should only choose choc without sugar.

3/ In no way dark choc could be compared with exercise. Exercise is the treatment of PAD. Anti-platelet, statins and anti-hypertensive drugs are the second pillar.


Aging theory

Trop cher de manger des aliments?

Paleo Diet


Old message about counterproductive effects of low-fat diets in diabetes

More on low carb diet

Do you cut your carbs?

Very clear statement about food choices

"The message here is that we should not make our food choices based on what our government subsidizes. We can grow grain and corn pretty cheaply, but it’s not what we are hardwired to digest genetically."

mardi 1 juillet 2014

Un produit avant tout sucré mais bien sur low fat!

Petit fromage frais aux fruits?
Pas vraiment!

Le lait est écrémé, on rajoute de la crème, du sucre de l'amidon transforme du sirop de fructose glucose!
Du coup les sucres ajoutes représentent 8,5% du poids!
Et pourtant on nous ment légalement en appelant ce produit un fromage aux fruits!
Les fruits c'est 6,5% du poids!
Un comble!
Et le lait est écrémé!
Un exemple typique des dégâts du low fat. Le gout d'un lait entier eut été suffisamment dense pou se passer de tout ce sucre, assurément. Mais il faut sacrifier au dogme et comme toujours en nutrition rien ne se perd tout se substitue et donc on bourre de sucres aux appellations multiples!
Nous baignons d’ailleurs dans l'idéologie du low fat:
difficile de trouver un yaourt au lait naturel...

Mais que fait la DGCCRF!