jeudi 13 février 2020

You are not a calorie oven. Your body is a metabolic biological machine


Presently the guidelines about milk are completely full. Indeed we should avoid sugars from milk I mean galactose and we should avoid skimmed milk. On the other hand grass fed milk has a very good nutritional fat content which we can eat as cream and we also can eat cheeses because there is no sugar and because proteins are digested pre-digested by bacteria.

samedi 8 février 2020

Politics and constructivism always lead to huge mistakes

"In this nutrition decade, a new global nutrition movement is emerging that needs to take the lead in demanding food systems change locally, regionally, and globally. It is within our collective power; we owe it to our children and future generations."

December 15, 2019 S0140-6736(19)32690-X

Non acquired défense against viruses