samedi 17 septembre 2022

The danger of general assumptions is equal to that of sectarian diets

Flexibility but only with whole foods. 

No flexibility with products.

mardi 13 septembre 2022

Labels or scores are not the solution to the diabesity epidemics

There is no clinical evidence that compliance with nutritional scores leads to weight loss.

The only label needed is the one that stipulates components in the case of processed food and the nutritional values of 100g of all foods.

How The Independent and Slate take the side of veganism

This is a fake news.

It is not about Paleolithic era but Neolithic era… consequently, as we know for long, people are practicing agriculture, have domesticated some mammals and gathered milk. They still gather wild veggies and fruits and hunter small animals.

Nothing new.

I am very surprised of the order in the subtitle: cereals milk and meat. No obviously, veggies mainly wild, mushrooms, meat mainly from hungered animals, fishes and especially salmon, then milk ans mainly spontaneously fermented milk, some cereals and beer…

mardi 6 septembre 2022

Every day advice about immunity


Do you need supplements? Do you need them for immunity?

Sun exposure, Cod liver oil are preferable to pure D3

Oysters are preferable to zinc supplements

Vitamin C in lemons is preferable to supplements because fermented products are already present in a low-carb paleo-inspired diet. Fermented veggies, fermented raw milk or cheeses are a great source of healthy bacteria and by-products of fermentation.

Curcumin is very tasteful in Rougaille saucisse or Rougaille fish.

My advice: 

Keep with tasty whole foods and enjoy your meals.
The most toxic beverage for immunity is alcohol and for respiratory infection it is smoke.
The fastest fuel for bacteria is pure sugar.

samedi 3 septembre 2022

Broths, soups, bouillons 

The aim of broths is to hydrate and nourrish.

They are perfectly compatible with diets. They are cheap and easily frozen for low-cost home production.

Some basic broths are useful: bone broth, algae broth, fish soup and meat broth. These basic broths may be added with different veggies and aromates.

jeudi 1 septembre 2022


Don't miss it

The difference between meat and transformed meat...


Do you "believe" that this is meat? It is a product. "pur porc" is a scam. This is a transformed food product. If mashed, cooked and mix with other ingredients it becomes an ultra-transformed food product.

1/ processed id est transformed food products are not cheap...

2/ processed foods are deleterious to your health.

Nova classic action of transformed/processed foods