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mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Multivitamins in pill and cancer in man: no effect!

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Results of incidence for total, prostate and colo-rectal cancers

Sorry but the mainstream medias are wrong, multivitamins in pill do not reduce mortality... In their paper the authors studied incidence of cancers. Last but not least this study is a RCT!
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The difference in men with previous history of cancer is also on incidence of cancers
This work was supported by grants
CA 097193, CA 34944, CA 40360, HL 26490, and
HL 34595 from the NIH and an investigator-initiated
grant from BASF Corporation. Study agents and packaging
were provided by BASF Corporation and Pfizer
(formerly Wyeth, American Home Products, and Lederle)
and study packaging was provided by DSM Nutritional
Products Inc (formerly Roche Vitamins).

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