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mardi 9 février 2016

Misconception about D2 and insulin resistance

Sugar is provoking a lot of deleterious effects on cell components when out of the normal range in the blood. The body goes to different and even extraordinary measures to keep it in normal range. When you take in a huge amount, say from a banana, with waffle and syrup, the body suffers a metabolic emergency, trying to dispose of the toxic stuff.

Insulin is secreted in large quantities to deal with a high carbohydrate intake after sugar digested and glucose released. Insulin activates very potent mechanisms to recent sugar toxicity. It pushes fat out of the way by stopping lipolysis, and pushes glucose to the front of the queue to be burned.

The body is not burning glucose because it likes glucose as a fuel. It is burning glucose until blood glucose level is non toxic i.e. under 1g/l. In the liver insulin signals to cells to take excess glucose in the blood and turn it into fat it is neolipidogenesis. In the adipose tissue, insulin pushes fat into the fat cells and won’t let it out as NEFA or FFA (
All of this is done to keep blood sugar in the normal range by disposing of excess glucose.

1/ this state is continuous over day and night if you eat continuously in excess mainly sugars
2/ this continuous insulin secretion leads after time to insulin resistance which is an adapted reaction of cells all over the body to insulin excess
3/ in order to maintain glucose level in the blood more insulin is needed but production could be impaired by cell loss in the pancreas.
4/ fructose either free or from saccharose  leads to less insulin secretion but increases visceral and liver fat. 
This is metabolic syndrome and D2 genesis !

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