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mardi 27 décembre 2016

Paleo goes mainstream

Dear Dr Mercola, 
You made a very "american style" description of the paleodiet... Humans lived in very different niches at the paleo era. Humans lived mainly near coasts (seaside, lakes rivers) because of the huge reservoir of food resources in these ecological niches. So when you describe the paleodiet it seems to me that 1/ Fishing must be mentioned as hunting, harvesting algae as important as harvesting wild salads; 2/ seafoods, fishes were aside meat a very important paleo food.

Two main explanations for this under estimation of fish and seafoods in the paleodiets.

1/consuming salmons didn't let any remains in the caves; 2/ meat consumption on the contrary was emphasized because of the bones found in several caves of paleo humans. Even if when broken they signed mere a bone marrow rather than meat consumption. With my best regards, 
Guy-André Pelouze MD MSc, Perpignan France

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Thank you for bring this up thegap. I think this article is intended as a jumping off point. It's to get people started and looking into it more. The real paleo advocates fish 'at least' once a week. Dr. Mercola is a huge astaxanthin advocate, he talks about its sources a lot. (salmon, krill). I don't think he intended to imply that fish was any less valuable than other meats/animal protein sources in the paleo diet. I also appreciate your comments broadening people's ideas of healthy vegetable sources. For those who would be new to eating a wide variety of local produce, they may not have considered those kinds of veggies and have been enlightened and blessed by your helpful comments. So glad you commented. :-)

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