lundi 12 février 2018

Ketodiet and cancer: it is too early but we must keep watching

" If a tumor is unable to utilise ketone bodies, the use of KD may be an effective therapy for selective nutrient starvation of such tumors. However, numerous reports about inconsistent efficacies of this treatment broke the illusion about the possibility to cure cancer thoroughly with KD therapy."

Mice study with HeLa tumour.
Mice study with HeLa tumour cells and always this question: usually, human tumours do have a much higher rate of genomic variation and genetic variants than mice model especially HeLa

"Our results suggest that not a single HeLa cell line, or even a set of similar HeLa cell lines, exists. Rather, an indeterminate number of clones exist, each carrying large genomic differences that lead to different expression profiles. The HeLa cell recalls the main character of the novel by Pirandello (the Italian poet awarded the 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature): “One, no one, one hundred thousand”: the HeLa cell line is thought to be a unique cell line (“one”), but it is clear that large differences exist between the tumour from which it was derived and the human genome (“no one”) and that an indeterminate number of HeLa cell lines are scattered in laboratories worldwide (“one hundred thousand” or more), each with a unique genomic profile."

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