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mardi 23 juin 2015

From Cell Metabolism paper to your plate: near fasting protocol on 5 days

Those who read this blog will not be surprised...

If you want to regenerate you have to induce a metabolic stress which mimics our evolutionary past.
Get the protein first or the big salad first but after the two you will be full...
Greens, raw that means salads, with tomatoes, onions, basil, cucumber and red pepper.
Then a steak like bavette (flank steak) or onglet (hanger steak) raw or rare with grain mustard.
At dinner bone broth, soup with mushrooms and fat, lot of fats not refined, not heated, not transformed.
Olive and avocados instead of refined olive oil...
Almonds and other nuts.
Fat meat from lamb, bone marrow, fatty fishes.
According to your metabolism and genomics I advise you to eat some tubers if you do any sport and seasonal raw fruit.
What about dairy?
No lactose so either butter raw from grass fed cattle or completely fermented cheeses. Another time you have to test your results with this amount of dairy.

The way they advocate to do near fasting is interesting especially for people who would not to stop exercise.

And this TED conference

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