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dimanche 9 juillet 2017

Fullness in ketodiet

Obesity Reviews: Do ketogenic diets really suppress appetite? A systematic review and meta-analysis A. A. Gibson1 , R. V. Seimon1 , C. M. Y. Lee1 , J. Ayre1,2, J. Franklin3 , T. P. Markovic1,3, I. D. Caterson1,3 and A. Sainsbury1.pdf

In the obesity reviews meta-analysis, authors compared 4 indexes of food consumption in high carb diet vs keto diet. Here are the results:

Fullness 6,54  > Hunger -2,55  > Prospective consumption -1,92 > Desirability -1,29

Very interesting quantification.
Metabolic needs and hormones are fully addressed by a keto diet but cultural habit far less.

"And this better appetite control is depending on several factors I mean that it works better with some people and less with others.
For me, I experience less binge eating after long work out and now no binge eating with low carb or Keto diet vs standard carb diet with starches..."

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