vendredi 26 janvier 2018


Facts about Nutella

"Dans le Nord, le Pas-de-Calais, l’Oise mais aussi le Rhône ou le sud de la France, des files d’attente se sont rapidement formées pour obtenir le précieux pot de 950 g vendu 70 % moins cher à 1,41 € contre 4,70 d’ordinaire."
So as usual prices of food products are very high... Think twice about buying products instead of whole food! I mean hazelnuts, butter, milk...

Can you identify those numbers?
for 100g
30,9 ... 278 cal
57,5 ... 230 cal
6,3 .... 25 cal
That is the calorie content of 100g of Nutella.

What is the price of sugar?
0,4 € - 0,89 €/kg, the lowest for agroindustries and the highest for consumers in the EU despite the fall of sugar prices on the global market (thanks to EU regulations and quotas).
So let us have an in-depth view of the cost of 1kg of Nutella:
0,42 € for the 57,5% of sugar
0,99€ for palm oil, hazelnuts low-fat milk salt cocoa vanilla and lecithin.

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