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vendredi 6 septembre 2013

A great personal view on this issue!

Personal View

Metabolically healthy obesity: epidemiology, mechanisms, and clinical implications

SchulzeDrPHcgCorresponding author contact informationE-mail the corresponding author

We all know that patients with obesity do not share the same cardiovascular and metabolic risks.
Some patients despite of obesity keep a good profile of biomarkers in the blood. They didn't develop insulin resistance, and they don't have accelerated atheroma.
The majority of patients with obesity have a high waist to hip ratio develop insulin resistance and type II diabetes.
In this setting they present frequently accelerated atheroma either in coronary circulation or in supra aortic trunks or peripheral arteries.
In this paper authors present their personal perspective on metabolically healthy obesity. It is clearly helpful to avoid aggressive treatment in patients concerned and to better understand the dramatic increase of non-healthy obesity.

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