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samedi 9 janvier 2016

So dietary cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern of overconsumption? Actually? Sure it is new?

That dietary cholesterol is not important
for man would be predicted
from the fact that the biliary output of
cholesterol from the human liver is from
10 to 20 times as much as the daily
amount of cholesterol in any diet of
natural foods. Repeated careful dietary
surveys on large numbers of persons in
whom blood cholesterol was measured
consistently fail to disclose a relationship
between the cholesterol in the diet
and in the serum.19-2' Infants and children,
as well as adults, show this lack of
dependence of serum content upon the
exogenous supply of cholesterol,22 but
this does not mean that the diet is unimportant
in regard to the blood cholesterol.
Controlled experiments on men
clearly show that serum cholesterol
changes in direct relation to a change
in the total amount of fat in the
diet.7 23-25 Both animal and vegetable
fats show this effect and the addition or
removal of cholesterol in the diet does
not change the result. The blood
cholesterol may fall, however, if the diet
is almost exclusively pure fat and is free
of carbohydrate;26 this highly artificial
experiment would seem to have no relevance

to natural situations.
A Keys

They were so slow to understand that it could discredit other advices...

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