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mardi 11 octobre 2016

More on paleo/ancestral/whole food diets: when short "articles" are the enemy of truth

the main issue with this kind of journalism is that it is too short to be true. Look at anglo-saxon journalists they are able to write more than 1000 words...
Same issue. But a little longer so probably truer.
Nevertheless the only source quoted is a book which author is an animal behavioural specialist Luc-Alain Giraldeau who backs his anti-paleo diet approach on the papers of Marlene Zuk who is herself totally engaged in a crusade against paleo-diet.

Indeed this blogger in Le Monde is only a contrarian and accessorily an anticapitalist when it comes to the nutritional supplement industry:
This industry has to prove that its products are efficient not to avoid profits.

None is able to give the readers a balanced view.
What a pity in the continent of Descartes.

For omega 3 fatty acids the balanced view is to consume fatty fishes:

For those who don't consume fatty fishes and for other purposes like vitamin D supplementation cod liver oil could be an option.

For paleo-diet the balanced view is that we have very strong evidences that link processed foods, ad libitum food consumption, high carb content of food products to obesity MS and D2. This is in part at least the result of present and past dietary guidelines.
It is your choice to shift to ancestral diets in order to avoid those chronic diseases which paved the way to CVD and cancers. Those ancestral diets are based on
- limited amount of food globally
- whole foods minimally processed
- low carb diets
- a pesco-vegetarian base with grass fed meat, organs and bone marrow on top...

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