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vendredi 10 mai 2013

Eating peppers? Even conventionally grown ones?

This study emphasizes that pepper consumption could be associated to a lower risk of Parkinson disease presumably because of the nicotine content.
If you believe in the prevention power of nicotine stop smoking tobacco and eat peppers or tomatoes...
This is dually interesting.
First because this solanaceae is delicious!
Secondly because it appears that despite the fact that those peppers, and especially conventional grown ones which are consumed by most of the people, are usually high in pesticides and even above the limit they could be protective....

  1. M. van der Mark, M. Brouwer, H. Kromhout, P. Nijssen, A. Huss, R. Vermeulen
  2. Is pesticide use related to Parkinson disease? Some clues to heterogeneity in study results
  3. Environ. Health Perspect., 120 (3) (2012), pp. 340–347

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