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mercredi 8 mai 2013

Sugar content of dairy products

Dairy productServing sizeLactose contentPercentage
Milk, regular250 ml12 g4.80%
Milk, reduced fat250 ml13 g5.20%
Yogurt, plain, regular200 g9 g4.50%
Yogurt, plain, low-fat200 g12 g6.00%
Cheddar cheese30 g0.02 g0.07%
Cottage cheese30 g0.1 g0.33%
Butter1 tsp (5.9ml)0.03 g0.51%
Ice cream50 g3 g6.00%

This cheese is made of raw milk and the maturing process is long. 
Le Comté dont l'affinage réduit la concentration en hydrates de carbone à des traces,  est un aliment à index glycémique bas: <1 br="" de="" sucres="">Comté made of raw milk is maturing several months and during this process fermentation transforms lactose in lactic acid. Consequently this food is a low carb food: <1 sugars.="" td="">

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