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samedi 4 janvier 2014

2014: best wishes from Dysnutrition

This year will be a step forward in the huge paradigmatic change in nutrition advices by Institutions.
Evolutionary medicine is gaining momentum all over the world.
The overwhelming sugar wave which is propelled by food products will kill a lot of human beings but consequences are so detrimental and obvious that even the non specialist begins to look outside the guidelines.
Keep your insulin level very low, increase your ratio of fresh foods (I mean to 100%), catch any opportunity to do brisk physical activities and once a week an endurance training, track junk food even in so called local/farmer made/natural products...

Example N°1
Check the added sugars in delicatessen
lactose, saccharose, corn syrup etc.
Why? Because you don't need them nor meat products, they will taste better without sugar or preservatives, you will experience different savors of protein without adulteration and consequently true satiation. Think to the amount of sugar you will eat at the end of 2014 if you don't change your buying choices.
Example N°2

Buy a lot of fresh seasonal veggies and eat them. Leftover veggies could be easily mixed with other veggies for juicing! GI an GL of juicing without fruits and tubers is very very low...
Example N°3

Plan to buy quality food! If you don't plan it you will eat the stuff which is available in the nearest supermarket.
It is crucial for eggs, grass-fed meat and wild fish and sea food. And you can froze it in large quantities.

In 2014 we will continue to comment the literature, bringing evidence in daily choices about food.

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