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mardi 6 mai 2014

What a pity! They don't follow the basic advises on CVD prevention because they take statins

This is a very clever study. A dentist of my friends said to me several years ago that he would never more diet because he is taking statins and run every other day. I disagreed.
He was doing another clinical trial because in the trials which backed statins use patients diet and were very carefully followed for that...
It is a folly to believe that statins are efficient if you gain weight and eat junk foods.
1/ statins do not change the LDL pattern!
2/ statins only reduce the number of LDL particles
3/ if you eat junk foods mainly refined CH and gain weight your LDL profile will deteriorated and the effect of statins will diminish
4/  statins could increase your risk of diabetes so dieting and maintaining a healthful hip to waist ratio is essential.

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