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dimanche 6 septembre 2015

About trans fats and sat fats

Eventually official nutritionism recognizes 
1/ TF is quite different from saturated fats
2/ saturated fats are neutral in terms of human health
3/ all studies about one saturated fatty acid are not representative of everyone diet because we ingest different fatty acids either saturated or unsaturated. This mix does not have the same consequences in terms of lipid profile and true atherogenic risk
4/TF belong to two categories, only the industrial ones are deleterious  for health
5/ The low-fat policy a consequence of wrong evaluation of saturated fats, was a double sword for populations
- eviction of ruminant trans fats which decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes 
- increase of sugar content of dairy products

This is a very interesting example of serious side effects of wrong public policies which were not reassessed for four decades!
This paper is a small step in the good direction but it lacks a lot of present scientific data about the debate.

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