mardi 17 octobre 2017

Uncertainty about the cause but certainty about the facts: Dans and CVD deaths

Dans showed a drastic reduction of CVD deaths since 1980.
And we don't know why.

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in response to amadaun23:
Just wanted to run this theory past you. Could excessive dietary iron be the culprit? Not just from red meat, but a dietary overload of iron in general? Looking at the problem from a NZ perspective, you pointed out that Kiwis consume more iron and protein from grains than from all animal foods combined – … Continue reading Red Meat Will Kill You – and make it look like an accident.
Here’s the reference for Denmark stopping iron fortification from 1987 (in 2004 became total ban on such products, but border is leaky)
and here: “The number of Danes who died from cardiovascular disease has fallen by 70% between 1985 and 2009. No EU member state has a recorded a greater decline in mortality. A ban on trans fat acids in 2003 could be the cause.”
Could be. But 2003 is coming a little late to this party – 1987 is much closer.
Denmark also had a soda tax until recently, when they screwed it up with their stupid fat tax which then caused disgruntled voters to rebel against all their food taxes, good and bad alike.
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