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mercredi 14 septembre 2011

How to eat Curcuma with sausages?

Curcuma is a very tasty spice which has a better taste cooked especially with meat, onions and some tubers...
The recipe Rougail from La Réunion island is the following:
In a pan cooked chopped onions with coconut oil at low temperature. When onions are done add garlic, fresh curcuma, fresh ginger also chopped, and two slices of small lemons per person instead of combava. Let the aromas developed and put the lid on the sauce pan. Add tomatoes thyme and pepper. Be prudent on salt because you will add sausages at the end and they are usually salted. Let water from tomatoes slowly evaporate and the Rougail thicken, add saffron. Both Curcuma and saffron will give a deep yellow colour to Rougail and tomatoes a red touch.
You can also add some spicy chili pepper...
You can cooked the sausages on a grill and add them at the end of the Rougail. But you can also cooked them in the Rougail.
Enjoy it's a cooked paleo meal!


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