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mardi 27 septembre 2011

Pourquoi les épices sont nutritionnellement très utiles

L'hyperlipémie postprandiale expose à un stress oxydatif et à une hypertriglycéridémie surtout si le repas contient des hydrates de carbone et des graisses. Bien sur réduire la quantité d'hydrates de carbone en particulier ceux à index glycémique rapide c'est à dire les amidons des céréales et des racines ou des tubercules est indispensable pour réduire l'hypertriglycéridémie mais aussi l'hyperinsulinémie.
La composition du repas et en particulier l'ajout d'épices est aussi un moyen de diminuer le stress oxydatif et l'hyper TG c'est ce qu'on démontré les auteurs de cet article. Ces épices sont très nombreuses mais leur caractère commun est de contenir une grande quantité de polyphénols anti-oxydants dont l'action se poursuit dans le sang après absorption.


A High Antioxidant Spice Blend Attenuates Postprandial Insulin and Triglyceride Responses and Increases Some Plasma Measures of Antioxidant Activity in Healthy, Overweight Men1,2,3

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+ Author Affiliations
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Anonyme a dit…

Nearly all the pungent cooking spices are actually powerful medicines.

Cinnamon, for example, helps regulate blood sugar in diabetics ( Cloves are the No. 1 source for the highest density of antioxidants found in the entire food supply. (Yes, they have a higher ORAC value than any other food or spice.) (

Rosemary is a powerful digestive tonic and internal detoxification herb. Ginger is legendary as an immune-boosting, circulation-enhancing tonic herb that's also fantastic for beating winter colds and flu. Ginger even works to relieve muscle pain! (

If you're into curry, then you'll be glad to know that turmeric, the main ingredient in curry, is also an amazing source of natural medicines. It's a powerful anti-cancer as well as an anti-inflammatory medicine. If you really want great pricing on curry powder and other spices in bulk, visit a Middle Eastern food store in your local area, where these aromatic spices are often sold at the best prices in town.

In Southern and Midwestern cuisine, barbeque sauce is a surprisingly good source of bitter alkaloids and health-enhancing spices (often including mustard and paprika), but this is only true with the rich, homemade sauces, not the processed "Kraft Foods" sauces (which are usually loaded with sweeteners and highly processed ingredients).

Nearly all the common spices you find in grocery stores are medicinal foods. But avoid common table salt (or white "sea salt") because it's just a processed, refined combination of two poisons. The only salt you should regularly consume is a full-spectrum salt that's off-white in color, such as Celtic salt or Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal salt (

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