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samedi 9 juin 2012

Glyphosate et agriculteurs

"The adverse effect of formulated glyphosate toward the cell
cycle is in the millimolar range concentration when applied for
short time exposure to sea urchin embryos. At soil or water
residual concentrations of glyphosate in the nanomolar range,
there is no indication that glyphosate exerts any genotoxic effect
(Williams et al., 2000). However, mobilization of the DNA
response checkpoint may reflect interference of the product at
theDNAlevel, potentially leading to genetic instability, which is
recognized as one the main forces driving the onset and progression
of carcinogenesis (Hoeijmakers, 2001; Molinari, 2000;
Schneider and Kulesz-Martin, 2004). Because formulated glyphosate
is sprayed for herbicide usage at a recommended concentration
of 40 mM, it would be of interest to analyze the
consequence for humans of the inhalation of the micro-droplets
in the vicinity of the pesticide usage."

Et la réponse de Monsanto:
Genotoxic Potential of Glyphosate Formulations: Mode-of-Action Investigations
William F. Heydens, Charles E. Healy, Kathy J. Hotz, Larry D. Kier, Mark A. Martens, Alan G. E. Wilson, and Donna R. Farmer, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008 56 (4), 1517-1523

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