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vendredi 24 août 2012

Cooking meat at high temperature is not safe it's only sterile...

"We observed a positive association
between risk of advanced PCA and
high intake of red
meat cooked at high temperatures
(trend p = 0.026), cooked by pan-frying
(trend p = 0.035), and cooked
until well-done (trend p = 0.013).
An inverse association was observed for
baked poultry and advanced PCA risk
(trend p = 0.023).
A gene-by-diet interaction was observed
between a SNP in the PTGS2 gene and the
estimated levels of meat mutagens
p = 0.008).
Our results support a role for
carcinogens that accumulate in meats
cooked at high temperatures as
potential PCA risk factors,
and may support a role for heterocyclic
amines in PCA etiology."

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