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mardi 19 novembre 2013

Dairy products and carbohydrate content

What is the CH content of these products?
If you are diabetic or if you adopt a low CH diet you need to understand that all dairy products are not low carb food!
Yogurt is advertised as a very good product with probiotics and so on...
Camembert is known as a high fat product.
So how can you decide?
A natural yogurt is a fermented whole milk, historically speaking. You can make it at home.
Indeed the agro-industry has new recipes and they are complex.
In this case the milk is low fat... But they add lactose: a sugar and milk protein and vit D. So you eat all but a natural yogurt!
The main nutrient in this product is CH, by far: 6,9g/100g of glucides and only 3,7g/100 g of proteins!
Let us check the data of Camembert.
Only traces of CH! Stunning!
Why? Because in Camembert they cannot add any lactose and the cheese is made by fermentation only of a pasteurized milk.
By the miracle of different regulations in France it is 20% of fat and elsewhere it is 40%. But don't care of that you need fat.

So you would choose Camembert instead of yogurt and benefit of high protein and fat content but no CH so a very limited insulin secretion if you avoid white bread with your portion of Camembert.
Let me give you a final advice, choose a non pasteurized Camembert for the taste.

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