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jeudi 21 novembre 2013

In 4-6 weeks you can lower your W6/W3 ratio...

Effect of a Low-fat Fish Oil Diet on Pro-inflammatory Eicosanoids and Cell Cycle Progression Score in Men Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy

  1. William J. Aronson1,*
+Author Affiliations
  1. 1Urology, UCLA Department of Urology
  2. 2Center for Human Nutrition, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition
  3. 3Department of Medicine Statistics Core, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
  4. 4Medicine, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
  5. 5Path & Lab Med, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
  6. 6Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center University of Southern California, University of Southern California, USC School of Gerontology
  1. * Corresponding Author:
    William J. Aronson, Urology, UCLA Department of Urology, 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Attention Urology Clinic (112U), Los Angeles, CA, 90073, United


We previously reported that a 4-6 week low-fat fish oil (LFFO) diet did not affect serum IGF-1 levels (primary outcome) but resulted in lower omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratios in prostate tissue and lower prostate cancer proliferation (Ki67) as compared to a Western diet (WD). In this post-hoc analysis, the effect of the LFFO intervention on serum pro-inflammatory eicosanoids, LTB4 and 15(S)-HETE, and the cell cycle progression (CCP) score were investigated. Serum fatty acids and eicosanoids were measured by gas chromatography and ELISA. CCP score was determined by RT-PCR. Associations between serum eicosanoids, Ki67, and CCP score were evaluated using partial correlation analyses. BLT1 (LTB4 receptor) expression was determined in prostate cancer cell lines and prostatectomy specimens. Serum omega-6 fatty acids and 15(S)-HETE levels were significantly reduced, and serum omega-3 levels were increased in the LFFO group relative to the WD group, whereas there was no change in LTB4 levels. The CCP score was significantly lower in the LFFO compared to the WD group. The 15(S)-HETE change correlated with tissue Ki67 (R=0.48; p<0 .01="" 15="" a="" and="" anti-proliferative="" are="" blt1="" but="" cancer="" ccp="" cell="" change="" conclusion="" correlated="" decreased="" detected="" determine="" diet="" effects="" further="" human="" in="" ki67.="" levels="" lffo="" lines="" lower="" ltb4="" mediated="" not="" p="" pathways.="" prostate="" r="0.4;" receptor="" relative="" resulted="" score.="" score="" specimens.="" studies="" the="" through="" to="" warranted="" was="" wd.="" whether="" with="">

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