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lundi 24 février 2014

Human footprints in UK from 1 M years ago! But UK was not at this time an island!

"Using foot length to stature ratios, the hominins are estimated to have been between ca. 0.93 and 1.73 m in height, suggestive of a group of mixed ages. The orientation of the prints indicates movement in a southerly direction on mud-flats along the river edge."
"Recent analyses suggest a small group of perhaps five adults and children walking along the mudflats of a large river, about a million years ago"
Figure 5 Photographs of Area A at Happisburgh.
Amazing human footprints

Vue d'artiste représentant des hominidés sur le site de l'actuel Happisburgh, en Angleterre.
They lived near the sea. Coastal origin of human species? An implied reference to Michael Crawford!

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