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jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Eat Cocoa not sugar

Dark chocolate I mean Cocoa with the least amount of sugar or no sugar is a very healthful product.

Flavonols are present in other plant-based food

Source Flavanol Content, mg/kg or mg/L
Chocolate 460–610
Beans 350–550
Apricots 100–250
Cherries 50–220
Peaches 50–140
Blackberries 130
Apples 20–120
Green tea 100–800
Black tea 60–500
Red wine 80–300
Cider 40

Cocoa do have pleiotropic properties in CVD

For PAD patients

1/  quit smoking is the first and the most powerful advice to follow in PAD
2/ all dark choc are not equal. Patients should be educated about ingredients and patients D2 or with MS should only choose choc without sugar.

3/ In no way dark choc could be compared with exercise. Exercise is the treatment of PAD. Anti-platelet, statins and anti-hypertensive drugs are the second pillar.

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