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vendredi 4 juillet 2014

LDL particles trafficking in the arterial wall

Figure 1. Image of arterial delivery and the effect of lipoprotein particle size. Different isolates of chylomicron remnants of predetermined size were labeled with Cy5 fluorescence (in yellow). Lipoprotein preparations of different size were perfused in situ through rabbit carotid arteries for an equal length of time under physiological conditions.
LDL particles are 25nm size.

Figure III Image  of  arterial  delivery  and  the  effect  of  increasing  perfusion  time.
chylomicron-remnants  and  LDL  particles  were  isolated  and  labelled  with  Cy5
fluorescence  (yellow)  and  Cy3  fluorecence  (red)  respectively.  Equivalent  and
physiological  concentrations  of  labelled  lipoproteins  were  perfused  simultaneously
through rabbit  carotid  arteries for  either  15 minutes (left frame)  or  30mintues (right
frame) of exposure.

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