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lundi 28 juillet 2014

Why the so-called IG diet is a myth: so simple

1/ IG means glycemic index in french. It is a pity that one could mislead people about the basic sugar metabolism. IG or GI is only a piece of the puzzle.
Glycemic load and your genomics are the other major parts.
2/ Glycemic load is the quantity of sugar corrected by the glycemic index of that sugar or that product.
GL = GI x Weight of sugar
3/ So if you follow only GI you will be overload in low GI foods which will bring you in the same nightmare but more slowly!
4/ So the only way to deal with sugars is to suppress refined sugars and to remember that white flour is one of the most frequent sugar in our industrial diet! Unhappily there are others with very exotic names:
dextrose, HCFS, lactose, maltodextrins, fructose, brown cane sugar, saccharose...
For non refined sugars only fresh or frozen raw fruits are OK. You can also eat a moderate amount of tubers especially if:
- your genomics does not favor high insulin release
- you are spontaneously lean which is related also to insulin secretion but also to other factors in the diet and the metabolism like leptin and other hormones.
- you are burning a lot of calories by working out, working in the wild with human powered engines and so on...
Enjoy ancestral diets![Medisite-A-la-Une]-20140727

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