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samedi 28 mars 2015

How changes in food availability affect subsequent generations

For CVD it's change in food availability and consumption in your PATERNAL grand mother which modify your risk profile.

Table 2

Grandparents' childhood experience of drastic change in food availability, from one year to the next year, going from poor to good and good to poor by descendants' cardiovascular mortality*
Poor to goodPoor to goodGood to poorGood to poor
Paternal grandfather0.90 (0.45-1.80)1.42 (0.64-3.14)1.08 (0.29-4.00)0.15 (0.02-1.41)
Patermal grandmother0.54 (0.24-1.20)1.62 (0.58-4.52)0.86 (0.22-3.3)21.27 (2.24-202.47)
Maternal grandfather1.17 (0.58-2.35)1.22 (0.46-3.23)1.28 (0.31-5.34)3.37 (0.59-19.22)
Maternal Grandmother0.60 (0.24-1.49)0.91 (0.30-2.75)0.75 (0.22-2.58)0.16 (0.02-1.32)
Index cases151151126126
*Associations are presented as Hazards ratios (HRs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs 95%). The models are adjusted for birth cohort, mother´s literacy, father´s death before the index person attained 13 years of age. Bold numbers indicate significant associations, p<0 .05.="" p="">
Bygren et al.
Bygren et al. BMC Genetics 2014 15:12   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-15-12

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