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vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Wine: no benefit of alcohol?

I was a few years ago invited to a conference in Pau set up by a local physician organization and the different speakers advocated wine drinking in order to decrease CV diseases.
The management of the organization and the speakers were obviously tied with Bordeaux wine lobbies. They were from Bordeaux or trained in Bordeaux.
I asked the painful question:
"Is fermented grape juice of low alcohol content or non alcoholised as efficient in reducing the CV risk?"
The speaker in an arrogant answer considered my question completely stupid.
The answer of science is there. I don't remember the name of this speaker and the history of science will do the same... on the contrary in the future we will benefit of non alcoholised fermented beverages because of high polyphenol content (including resveratrol) without the doubtful benefits of alcohol even in tiny amount.

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