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lundi 29 août 2011

Petit-déjeuner/ You say Breakfast?

In order to begin a new diet breakfast is the first step.

1/ find a protein you like (meat, fish, eggs, whey protein...)
2/ buy it raw or as less processed as possible
3/ add minced raw vegetables mainly green and red ones
4/ add lemon/onions/garlic/curcuma/cumin/basil/pepper/ or anything else which name is aromat or spice!
5/ a few drops of unfiltered olive oil
6/ no added salt
OK you just get the wonderful salad with protein and phytonutriments which is a must for breakFIRST!

Then you have to find a berry. There are a lot and another time buy them as less processed as possible so the best is fresh and usually it's frozen.
Make a tasteful mix of berries and if you don't use eggs in the salad mix one or two  raw eggs in the berries it's delicious.
OK you just get the fruits you need with plenty of water and fibers...

Then and eventually you need to drink! Water and water! Taste your water to  know if you like it... undermineralised for every day and rich in carbonates or magnesium after un tough work out in the morning or in the evening before. But I know you need also an adaptogen and instead of coffee try two boals of green tea ( gun powder in the morning) with a small spoon of raw honey. And eventually Juicing is great with a touch of ginger as adaptogen.

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