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mardi 10 juin 2014

Weight loss: are there any good tips an tricks?

If you want to lose weight you have to keep in mind that it cannot be a one factor diet or a one factor way of life! To succeed try a multi-factorial plan.
1/ diet matters
Paleo, I mean ancestral med diet, is very easy to adopt and to follow all year long. You will find in this blog all the tools and recipes for doing so. You must cut starches and suppress added sugars
2/ quantity matters especially with cooked food and starches!
3/ without exercising you will not get the result you expect.
But don't believe in slow long distance. SLD is boring, you will be tired and the weight loss is also very slow. Believe in intermittent high intensity training without any sugar before during and after WO.
This HIT should be done in sessions of more than 45' in order to burn fat. However a short daily session is better than nothing
4/ Intermittent fasting of 48h minimum is of great help. I mean fasting of all except water. You should try IF in spring or summer and no more than once a month.
5/ You need sleep. And you need to sleep when you are sleepy.

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