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lundi 31 août 2015

Antibiotics overuse and D2: a very high concern

Patients with type 2 diabetes, compared to control subjects free of type 2 diabetes, are overexposed to antibiotics be- fore their diagnosis with type 2 diabetes as defined by the first redemption of a prescription on an oral glucose-low- ering agent. This may represent an increased demand for antibiotics from an increased risk of infections in patients with yet-undiagnosed diabetes, prediabetes, or manifest type 2 diabetes. However, the possibility that antibiotics exposure increases diabetes risk cannot be excluded and deserves further investigation in interventional studies. Thus, our results call for new investigations of the long- term effect of antibiotics on lipid and glucose metabolism and body weight gain. In particular, we suggest investi- gation of commonly used narrow-spectrum penicillins be- cause these drugs are frequently prescribed and showed the highest OR for type 2 diabetes risk. "

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