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samedi 1 août 2015

Fructose as a WMD?

"Fructose is a monosaccharide . It is a sweet tasting sugar and found naturally in fruits and some vegetables. Fructose is sweeter than either glucose or sucrose. Before the development of the worldwide sugar industry, fructose was limited in the human diet. Honey, dates, raisins, molasses, and figs have a content of >10% of this sugar. A fructose content of 5-10% by weight is found in grapes, raw apples, apple juice, persimmons, and blueberries.
Today, the principal sources of fructose in the American diet are HFCS . Industrially, HFCS are frequently found in soft drinks and pre-packaged foods. The most common form of HFCS is HFCS 55, which has 55% fructose compared to sucrose which is 50% fructose. Foods and drinks are made with HFCS 55. A study showed that certain popular sodas and other beverages contain a fructose content approaching 65% of sugars. Moreover, HFCS can be made to have any proportion of fructose, as high as 90%. It was recently reported that more than 50% of preschool children consume some calorie-sweetened beverages."

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