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vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Communication, PR and IARC about the recent advice on meat
After the suprising Lancet Oncology abstract without the substance, here is a .pdf which is another PR piece of the puzzle. And all of that for a bunch of foods very different from each other that we call processed meatS...
Indeed there is no such food as a processed meat, there are millions of processed meatS.
look at this:

You can easily understand that any conclusion is about processed meatS is completely impossible due to the complexity and number of processes.
This survey although biased by a question is sufficiently clear: physicians are not sheeps.
The question for those who will not change anything is biased.
1/ they will either do that way because they did since a long time advice their patients about the potential risk of processed meatS cooked above the flame OR because they don't believe at all the IARC analysis of the past literature.
2/ a better question would have take in account this ambivalence.
3/ any advice in medicine which is not personalized is waste of time and money. If your patient eats less than 50g/d of processed meatS why focusing his or her energy on this topic? Less than 18% of RR is nothing and this patient should have other goals for a better health.

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Time to Take Hot Dogs Off the Grill?
The World Health Organization's cancer agency has classified processed meat as carcinogenic to humans.
Will you:
Change youradvice topatients aboutmeatconsumptionChange yourown eatingbehaviorBothNeither9.4%46.4%38.6%
Change your advice to patients about meat consumption75
Change your own eating behavior125
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