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lundi 25 février 2013

A quoi servent les questionnaires de l'industrie agro-alimentaire?

Ces questionnaires servent à orienter les neurobiologistes et les publicitaires de leur centre de recherche vers une formulation produit qui vous incitera à manger encore plus...

I'm on a consumer panel for Kraft Foods and today they asked for my opinion on what flavors, textures and other such aspects of Oreo cookies would be appropriate for the various seasons of the year. Here was my simple response: "Oreos should be abolished. These are nothing more than wheat and sugar bombs that perpetuate obesity and metabolic disease." Somehow I don't think that was the answer they were looking for. Can you imagine how the food scientists at Kraft will use the rest of the responses to concoct some scientific lab experiment to make people want to eat more and more and more Oreos? Back in the days before low-carb, I could down a whole package very easily with my 2% low-fat homogenized and pasteurized milk. Ugh, I was such a dope!
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  • J M Leann, you're exactly right. That's why consumer education is so vital. If people learn the truth and still eat this carbage, then that's on them. Richard, true story!
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  • W Wow, surprised Kraft lets you on that panel! There is no wheat or sugar that they don't love!!!!!

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