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mardi 13 octobre 2009

About cheeses and nutrition Fromages et nutrition

Ma réponse dans le Washington Post au sujet de l'article sur le fromage.
Three issues which are very important about cheeses and health.
1/ Fresh cheeses like fresh goat ones are far less fatty than heavily hard dry ones like Parmesan. Mainly because the former ones contain far more water and consequently one eat less fat and salt for the same volume.
2/ Cheese is like milk it depends on the genetic and the nutrition of the crops. Goat milk and cheeses contain short fatty acids (caproïc, caprylic and capric acids) which metabolism is different than saturated fatty acids of cow milk (palmitic, stearic myristic...). Nutrition of the crops is of paramount importance for the PUFA fraction of the milk fat. Briefly, grassfed milk is full of linolenic acid and corn fed full of linoleic acid. The difference is crucial for the fragile equilibrium of eicosanoids, cell signaling, cancer and even atheroma. Grassfed milk and cheeses can be found in area were crops live in the mountains especially in spring, summer and autumn. Their names in Switzerland or France are "fromage d'alpage" or "fromage d'estives". In US on some cheeses is mentionned "made from grassfed milk".
3/ Cheeses made of raw milk are more tasty and probably more healthfriendly; pasteurized milk is not dangerous but raw milk is preferable. Some controversial issues about pasteurized milk could be solved by raw milk consumption and cheeses made of raw milk.

Eventually it should be kept in mind that lactose is a fast carbohydrate which metabolism necessitates a special enzyme lactase, that casein especially from cow milk is very badly digested by certain humans leading to diarrhea, and eventually that calcium is not well absorbed from milk and useless if vitamin D level is low in the blood which is the case of at least 50 % of the population of developped countries. Obviously all dairy products are not the wonderful food described by ads!

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