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mardi 3 juillet 2012

4-Methylimidazole: a culprit or a pretext?



Caramel is the result of heating sugar in presence of oxygen. This process  produces several compounds which are agents of colour (brown) and basically Maillard products. These compounds as every benzopyrens and other Maillard products are carcinogenic and easily produced in your kitchen by high temperature cooking.

4-Methylimidazole may be formed in the browning of certain foods through the Maillard reaction between carbohydrates and amino-containing compounds. In particular, it is found in roasted foods, grilled meats, coffee and in types of caramel coloring produced with ammonia-based processes. It may arise also by fermentation.

Caramel in Colas does contain this compound. But don't forget that if you cook at high temperature your food and eat the brownish part ot them you will eat quite more carcinogenic compounds than in Colas...

Media should have mentioned this fact to put in perspective the different risks... Do they have done it?



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