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jeudi 5 juillet 2012

About statins... sex and choice!

Sorry for fans of  egalitarianism but we were born different. The bad news are that women are not reacting very well to CoA HMG inhibitors called statins in terms of secondary prevention of CVD.
Men react better.
Although absolute reduction of risk is tiny.
The good news are that med diet and paleo diet are as efficient as statins in primary prevention without side effects and give probably a supplementary reduction of risk in secondary prevention.
The bad news remain, these diets are not reimbursed.
So you have to choose! But is that actually a bad new?

“Our intention is not to have women stop using statins,” said the lead author, Dr. Jose Gutierrez, a clinical instructor in neurology at Columbia. “For overall secondary prevention, statins work for women. But for two outcomes — stroke and all-cause mortality — they are not as beneficial.”
I agree and it is our responsability to increase non drug preventative measures in women.

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