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lundi 26 octobre 2015

If you eat mainly or a lot of processed meat it is time to shift

First and above all we have to rephrase the media:
Processed meat consumption is associated with an increase risk of cancer. Not completely the same meaning.
But the most important is coming: what is the magnitude of the risk? It is small, rather very small. 11-12 % increase of all cancers risk.
Cutted meat (id est red meat) is associated with a smaller risk so the group of IACR qualified it as uncertain.

1/ Cutted meat is less carcinogenic especially if eaten raw or cooked very gently. Yes the main source of carcinogens in red meat is the result of cooking especially high temperature cooking. That is not news.
Charcoal on meat is carcinogenic as soot for the skin of chimney-sweeps.
2/ What processed meat is less carcinogenic? Obviously processed meat freshly prepared or dried meat like jerky or raw ham.
3/ Cheeses are probably better with less or no TMAO production in your gut
Abstract Image

Processed meat is carcinogenic according to IARC group and red meat is probably carcinogenic. Mechanisms are less clear:
"Substantial supporting mechanistic evidence was available for multiple meat components (NOC, haem iron, and HAA). Consumption of red meat and processed meat by man induces NOC formation in the colon. High red meat consumption (300 or 420 g/day) increased levels of DNA adducts putatively derived from NOC in exfoliated colonocytes or rectal biopsies in two intervention studies.19,20 Few human data, especially from intervention studies, were available for processed meat. Haem iron mediates formation of NOC, and of lipid oxidation products in the digestive tract of human beings and rodents. Haem iron effects can be experimentally suppressed by calcium, supporting its contribution to carcinogenic mechanisms. Meat heated at a high temperature contains HAA. HAA are genotoxic, and the extent of conversion of HAA to genotoxic metabolites is greater in man than in rodents. Meat smoked or cooked over a heated surface or open flame contains PAH. These chemicals cause DNA damage, but little direct evidence exists that this occurs following meat consumption." 
So if you have to choose eat preferably cut meat, raw (tartare) or gently cooked... Avoid products with processed meat. Indeed fresh saucisse or saucisson or jerky or raw dried ham are OK but other products are highly processed... 
Evil in the details as usual.

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