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mercredi 28 octobre 2015

It is mainly a problem of the irrational mind

All the problems we are discussing now in human nutrition and health are biased by irrational minds and thoughts in the media or by incompetent commentators. it is the case for meat, vaccines, sugar, fat, cholesterol, statins, and this is a short list.
One of the major irrationality is about complexity of issues. All irrational minds hate complexity, they want to sum a scientific paper of 10 pages in two sentences...
The other bias is a complete misunderstanding of uncertainty and probability.
This later marker is linked to irrationality for most of the people but it is perhaps not an accident. In avoiding uncertainty they pave the way to oversimplify the issues and to push people to think in black and white.
Aside irrationality media and lobbying commentators are pushing their agendas through the controversy about scientific papers.
Agendas of these big interests mix those of the agricultural industry, drug manufacturers, energy and transport industries, public structures and politicians.

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