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lundi 26 octobre 2015

Should you advice a closely related to follow a ketogenic diet if he or she suffers cancer?

This question is difficult, it is an emerging field. We have to keep very near from our basic principles:
"primum non nocere" but we have to avoid any delay in front of new chances to cure!

1/ During chemo it is well backed that fasting and enhanced nutrition improve the efficacy and tolerance (stem cells recovery) of chemo. The last study is a RCT!  free full text

Hematologic parameters compared between both groups. Values are measured on day 0 of cycle 1 immediately before the chemotherapy infusion, on day 7 of cycle 1–5 combined and day 21 of cycle 1–5 combined. * P value <0 nbsp="" p="">

2/ Ketogenic diet is on the rise. It is a lie to assert that it can cure cancer. It is very difficult without advice to implement a keto diet when you are the kind of people who eats the standard western diet. Counselling is very difficult to find in Europe.
There are good indications of keto diet in cancer like brain tumors. But another time don't embark alone in keto diet especially if you have cancer.
- caloric restriction is key
- low carb diet is mandatory only one raw juicy fruit at each meal
- you need high fat diet to survive so eat it! Pork, lamb, bone marrow broth, butter, cream, cheeses with long fermentation and affinage in order to avoid any residual lactose, nuts macadamia Brazil nuts and groundnuts.
- eat your protein too, you cannot do it without meat or fish and obviously with eggs.
- no carbs but a lot of veggies, kale, sauerkraut, tomatoes, salads, celery, broccoli no tubers.
You can improve your metabolism and starve your cancer cells.

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