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lundi 19 octobre 2015

Veganism and sperm quality

"The results showed that the vegetarian diet reduced sperm concentration and motility but did not extend into the infertile range. The findings suggested that estrogenic compounds or chemical residues in the diet had a negative effect on sperm parameters. Hyperactive motility indicative of the CatSper calcium selective channel was compromised in the vegan group. Clinical management would include dietary supplements to offset deficiencies. More studies are needed to corroborate the present findings."

"Lacto-ovo vegetarians had significantly lower sperm concentration (50.7 7.4 M/mL, mean S.E.M.) when compared with nonvegetarians (69.6 3.2 M/mL). Furthermore, total motility was lower in the lacto-ovo group (33.2 3.8% versus non-vegetarian 58.2 1.0%). Similarly, vegans had lower total motility (51.8 13.4%) with a trend towards lower sperm concentration (51.0 13.1 M/mL). Interestingly, hyperactive motility was lowest in the vegan group. The percent strict normal sperm morphology in all groups were within normal range. There were no differences in the remaining parameters: rapid progression, chromatin integrity and SPA capacitation index. "

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